Opening of the Leggat Hotel

Buildings along the south side of West Broadway Street, including IOGT Hall (Oechsli Furniture), Leggat Hotel, IOOF Hall (Broadway Furniture) and the Louis S. Cohn Building. Circa 1935. Photo: Smithers.30.123.01

The Leggat Hotel officially opened its doors on January 22, 1914, under the management of Henry E. Meyers, and was said to be nearly fireproof. Diners were welcomed with a cabaret show and music by Brennan’s orchestra. The first dining room services were made to the Drama Club, which gave a luncheon in the main dining room. It was said that “there was nothing lacking in the way of comfort and conveniences for the guests.” The new hotel rose six stories above ground and contained 91 rooms, with the highest priced room furnished with mahogany, birdseye maple, golden oak, and black walnut. The hotel was accommodated with the most modern conveniences including a buffet, Turkish baths, barber shop, and shower baths, which sat cozily between the suites. The lobby was described as spacious and comfortable, with tile floor and wall decorations in harmony, with several paintings of old western days by Decamp hung. The Leggat hotel was built at the site of the Grand Opera House, which burned in 1888, was rebuilt, and burned again in 1912. Today the Leggat serves as apartments.




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