Your archives provides a peek into America’s history

Butte always attracted people with great reputations. Gamblers, fighters, and gunslingers all passed through our fair city. One of those men was Doc Holliday, born John Henry Holliday in 1851. He graduated from Dentistry College at the age of 21 and soon after that setup practice in Georgia. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis Docas a young man and seeking relief from symptoms of the disease he headed west.

It has been rumored that Holliday worked both sides of the law, sometimes as an officer of the peace and sometimes as a card shark and is reputed to have killed more than one man.

In mid-January of 1886, in Butte, Montana, one Doc Holliday pulled a deadly weapon in a rude, angry, and threatening manner. This deed took place in the Eureka chop house at 273 Main Street. Frederick Wey the proprietor of the Eureka Chop House witnessed the incident and called the authorities. O.P. Blain also witnessed the incident he was the superintendent of the Silver Bow Water Company. I was not able to locate a listing for Mr. Brumley in the 1885-1886 Butte City Directory.

A Grand Jury indictment was issued on the 15th of January 1886 for one Doc Holliday whose true name was unknown to the Grand Jury.



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