The Storm of June 1908

On July 6th, 1907, the board of County Commissioners met regarding a petition requesting steps to prevent the flow of water that floods alleyways during the spring. The commissioners concluded that they had no control over the elements. Fast forward to 1908. Throughout May, participation reached levels that had not been seen in 28 years. … More The Storm of June 1908


America’s First Congresswoman Visits Butte

This year as we celebrate the 19th amendment, providing women equal voting rights, we’re highlighting collections relating to the suffrage movement and women in politics. Immediately came to my mind a donation the Butte Archives received in 2017 of a speech given by Jeannette Rankin at the Columbia Gardens on August 18, 1917. The speech … More America’s First Congresswoman Visits Butte

Dr. Caroline McGill

During the current pandemic, the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives will be sharing stories of good deeds, inspiring citizens and community togetherness to uplift Butte. Caroline McGill was born in Ohio in 1879. McGill attended and graduated with the first doctoral degree awarded to a woman from the University of Missouri. McGill then moved to Butte … More Dr. Caroline McGill

Joshers’ Club

As demonstrated in Butte’s past, our community is once again coming together in its time of need. Whether it is donating food to those in need, ordering food from a restaurant, supporting a local small business to holding a birthday parade for children who aren’t allowed to celebrate their birthday with friends, to visiting a … More Joshers’ Club

St. Patrick’s Day

Butte’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1882. That year 800 Hibernians – the Irish fraternal organization – marched from Walkerville to Butte in -30 degree temperatures. The usual celebrations centered around a parade, Mass, and perhaps a banquet or ball. Enjoyed by all, these activities were not merely joyous social gatherings. In … More St. Patrick’s Day

Ike Hayes

Ike Hayes is almost forgotten in Butte and in the sporting world, but at one time he enjoyed a standing as one of the state’s best pugilists. He established his reputation as a boxer while sparring in North Dakota in 1888. After working the circuits for a few years, he settled in Helena, where he … More Ike Hayes