Naranche Stadium

In 2014, the Billings Gazette conducted a poll called “Quest for the Best” which asked respondents to vote for the high school football stadium they considered to be the best venue in the state. Sixty-four percent of voters chose Naranche Memorial Stadium in Butte. The people of Butte were not surprised. The stadium at Butte … More Naranche Stadium

The Vigorous Irish Prosecutor in Hawaii

While recovering from a lousy cold this spring, I watched an old episode of American Experience, the award-winning history series on PBS. “The Island Murder,” told the story of two related rape and murder cases that made international headlines in 1932. It was interesting enough, but my ears really perked up at the mention of the … More The Vigorous Irish Prosecutor in Hawaii

Resilient Butte Women

In June 1917, my great-grandmother Mary Dwyer was about 5 months pregnant with my grandmother, her ninth child. My great-grandfather, John D. Dwyer, 39, worked as a station tender at the Tuolumne Mine; his brother James was at the Modoc. Both mines were near the Speculator, and there had been a fire at the Modoc … More Resilient Butte Women

Coursing in Butte

The Cornish brought the sport of Coursing to Butte. They constructed a Coursing Track just south of the Race Track in the mid-1890s.  The Butte Coursing Club operated 1895 to 1918.  The standard race allowed two dogs per race and used live jackrabbits, a dog got 3 points for chasing the rabbit off course and … More Coursing in Butte

Your archives provides a peek into America’s history

Butte always attracted people with great reputations. Gamblers, fighters, and gunslingers all passed through our fair city. One of those men was Doc Holliday, born John Henry Holliday in 1851. He graduated from Dentistry College at the age of 21 and soon after that setup practice in Georgia. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis as a young man and … More Your archives provides a peek into America’s history